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  Vigneau & Associates approach to design is foremost a personal one. What is essential is how a client wants their house to feel. Through careful and extensive interviews with clients, a design path emerges. There is no formula to a Vigneau & Associates design, each is different, a customized approach for each project.

"What’s most rewarding," explains Nancé "is working with clients to help them clarify their lifestyle and what is important to them. Then surround them with beautiful interior décor that matches their interests."


The interior design business is one of many details, all working in tandem to form a seamless pleasing environment. Nowhere is the amount of details more apparent than in the need for accurate and transparent accounting procedures. Vigneau & Associates’ highly organized methods presents all items on spread sheets noting what has been ordered, what paid, how much is in the account, what is to be ordered and estimated delivery. "The purchase process is an ‘open book’," notes Nancé’. "This is the foundation for trust that allows the creative design process to flourish."



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